Sidelined sub to get new tiles

U-boat sunk in Potomac joins marine preserve

(U-1105 Shipwreck Preserve)

REVEALED: Nuclear submarine surfaces on the Eastside

Have americans sunk russian "Kursk" nuclear cruise missile submarine?

Are you a "Food Pimp"?
(Culinary Performance is a Submariner Owned Company)
‘Mighty Mo' joins US nuke fleet

China puts naval might on display

Navy vets back to shine up old sub
Are you a "Food Pimp"?
(Culinary Performance is a Submariner Owned Company)

Submarine News 11APR2009

Navy confirms it used sonar in Wash. strait

Australia moves to avert submarine manning crisis

Repairs finished on sub that hit underwater peak

Collision Alley

New Navy SEAL minisub's IT-system specs released

1963: The USS Thresher sank off Cape, 129 lives lost

Russian DM: Cause of failure of Bulava missile launch found

Barrow-built sub to be refurbished

'No secret talks' on future of naval base

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