Submarines News 01NOV2008

Sub force commander eyes changes in officer training

Companies asked to scrap old submarines

Indian Navy crews to move to Russia to start training on Chakra

Ashes of USS Indianapolis survivor buried at sea

Dutch submarine arrives in Norfolk for 5-day visit

Defense Secretary To Tour Submarine Base

Missile war deterrent

Defense chief lauds Tridents

Which Presidential Candidate Would Be Better For The Submarine Force?

Submariner Treats for Zombies

Submarine News 27OCT2008

JSC2008-E-119076 (30 Sept. 2008) --- Astronaut Steve Bowen, STS-126 mission specialist, dons a training version of his shuttle launch and entry suit in preparation for a training session in the Space Vehicle Mock-up Facility at NASA's Johnson Space Center. United Space Alliance suit technician Fred Utley assisted Bowen.


USS New Hampshire Commissioning

The Live Broadcast of the Commissioning of the USS New Hampshire was canceled due to weather. A archived broadcast of the Ceremony will be available on October 28, 2008.


Commissioning Ceremony For USS New Hampshire(SSN 778)

Commisioning Photos USS New Hampshire